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Get your sexy back and feel ready to take on the world!


Time & Location


Location and time is TBD

About the event

Have you ever felt your health, life, career, business, and relationships are not where you expected it to be?

Are you tired of that voice in your head continuously telling you you’re not good enough, you'll never achieve that, you'll never make it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this 7 week program is for YOU!

No matter where your life took a turn, you lost that confidence you once had, or why you are ready to change your life now - this course will have you feeling sexy and confident in 7 weeks or less - guaranteed!

Zoi believes that your outer life is a reflection of your inner life. If you feel you aren't living the life you want to live or achieving what you want in life, it might be time to start looking from within and begin to make changes that will create positive, lasting changes in your life!

Through combining salsa and mindset coaching, Zoi will help you step out of your comfort zone and change how you perceive yourself and the environment around you, helping you to build the confidence and mindset that will allow you to reach your goals and create success in all areas of your life!

What you'll learn: 

➡️ You will learn how to communicate effectively

➡️ Connect with co-workers, relationships, and business from the heart.

➡️ How to create a safe environment at home or work by listening to one another

➡️ How to create success in your personal or professional life by using simple tools and language

➡️ How to design your own path in life to stay in the present moment.

➡️ How to feel confident and sexy in your skin

➡️ Salsa basics and styling techniques

Get your sexy back and feel ready to take on the world!


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