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Ready to discover self mastery and change your life?


Time & Location


Time & Location is TBD

About the event

Choreograph Your Life is a live 5-day intensive training course (40 hours) that guides participants through a sequential process to consistently uncover how to improve your thoughts and actions to live life more fully and have the life you have always wanted!  

You will learn the tools and techniques to break the noise of the mind and disrupt old thinking patterns, helping you get into a peak-state and transform your life. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to connect to your inner power and be who YOU want to be do the things that YOU want to do, and have the things YOU want to have for a successful and wealthy life.    

What you’ll learn:  

➡️ How to save time, money, and energy to be more effective at work  

➡️ How to go from problem to solution 

➡️ The three most important things to do have with your team: clarity, discipline, and consistency  

➡️ The language that can create better communication among employees  

➡️ How to empower your team by knowing how they feel, listen, and see their world   

➡️ The map is not the territory, how this can affect your company's growth  

➡️ How to create a life where you are happy, healthy and wealthy  

And much MORE!  

This training is being facilitated personally by Zoi Monroy, a Board Designated Trainer of NLP. She is one of a small but elite group of trainers that include Tony Robbins, Dr. Kim Redman, and Drs. Tad and Adriana James. ​ 

Are you ready to break through your own beliefs about what is possible & attain infinite prosperity & abundance?


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