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About Zoi Monroy

“I help professionals and business people to overcome challenges and transform their mindset and body, using results based coaching tools and techniques and salsa dance to choreograph their lives!”


Zoi was inspired to help others with coaching, dancing and transformation services after experiencing many challenging obstacles and events in her own life in relation to family, work and simply trying to manage life without any support. 

“For years I struggled with finding different jobs and lived in survival mode from the time I was quite young until my early 30s, when I moved to a new country and was forced to reevaluate my life. I soon realized that I had been raised with the wrong life skills that prevented me  from creating a happy, healthy and wealthy life for myself”

Inspired to change, Ms. Monroy sought out the thinking patterns and behaviours of those who are successful and happy in their lives. Through her research she discovered the methods of Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP) methodology and Hypnosis. NLP is what entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and the nation's #1 life and business strategist Tony Robbins has built his career on. 

Zoi was inspired and determined to help others overcome their struggles by accessing the tools they would need to create a happy, healthy and wealthy life for themselves. In 2016,  she trained in the techniques and became a certified coach. 

With her experience in the field over the last several years, Zoi has developed a deeper insight into people’s negative thinking patterns, insecurities, lack of clear communication skills, and the most overlooked issue, boundary setting skills.

Let Zoi be Your Coach!

With her NLP designations, Zoi is different from other business coaches, because she coaches the whole person. 


“We will spend time discovering the habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. We'll push past the obstacles in your life to successfully move forward in your career or relationship.”


Professionalism and compassion is what you’ll receive when you work with Zoi. She will listen to your needs and help you move quickly to your goals. 


Together, you will discover what is stopping you from creating the life and business you deserve. You will get actionable solutions for your best results. Zoi specializes in what works for entrepreneurs, individuals, and small businesses.


“As a Master NLP Coach, I guarantee your results in writing!”

Zoi works with people of all ages and backgrounds to offer a transformational experience. She helps her clients know how to go from problem to solution. Her unique coaching in mindset and movement helps clients to achieve their goals, personally and professionally. 

With her love of dance and professional coaching experience, her methods explore both mind and body to transform inside and out!

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