About Zoi

Designated Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis Master Coach, TLT Master Coach, and NLP Coaching

While living in my new country, Canada, everything was “FINE” until I realized that I wanted something to fulfill my soul, then my life collapsed. I felt like nothing was working for me, so I needed a new beginning in my life which is actually my own journey. I learned to understand the mind and body connection:

• I started to express my feelings

• I listened to my body and see all the opportunities and possibilities around me. 

• I learned how to create a life with choices and now I have tools that I can show to others on how to go with the rhythm of your life I can show how to choreograph your life, so you can transform your life, and you can be connected with the most important person in your life. YOU!

Currently, I am a Board designated Master Practitioner, Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Master Hypnosis, Master Time Line Therapy recognized in 38 countries with the American Board of NLP. What happens in our mind affects both our body and spirit, as these are directly linked.

I believe that people need to connect and use their inner power to do anything they want which means they can achieve excellence and to realize the magnificence available to them. I believe we are in this life to be successful in our different personal goals and we can have anything we want in our life. Sometimes we forget that. I work with my clients to bring them back to a positive stage and stay connected with the mind and body, internally and externally. I want my clients to use their own inner knowledge to be happy and be their very best.


 Love Yourself! You are all you have!

Growing up in Venezuela, living a simple life and with simple things, people thought I was a boy; they made fun of me for different things.  I was lost in my own body; I did not know what I wanted and felt lost in the world. There were a lot of ups and downs in my life while living in Venezuela. 

Over eleven years ago I came to Canada to begin a new life. The first challenge was learning English, which I am still working on. After living in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg, I landed in Sudbury, which I have grown to be comfortable in. I have great friends and constantly meet new people. Sudbury is a good place to start a new business.